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What is the TOEFL test?
TOEFL or Test of English as a Foreign Language (in Arabic: Test of English as a Second Language) is an English language test for non-native speakers or for people who use English as a second language to measure their level of language and their degree of proficiency with it. The TOEFL exam is required for foreign students to pass if they want to register and study in American colleges and universities, in addition to several other places in the world. The TOEFL test is formulated and prepared by the American Educational Testing Service, which is based in New Jersey.



What are the sections of the TOEFL test?
The TOEFL test includes 140 questions and is divided into four parts as follows:

• Listening Comprehension - auditory perception
• Structure and Written Expression - Linguistic structure and written expressions
• Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary - Comprehension of reading and words
• Essay Writing - Writing an article or a small topic



What is the benefit of the TOEFL exam when compared with other exams?
The TOEFL electronic test is used mainly in the United States of America in order to assess the English language skills of those who apply for university studies in this country from abroad. Therefore, if a student wants to go to a university, school, college or something like that in the United States of America, this is It is the right exam for him. In addition, the exam result is only recognized for two years, which makes it effective or useful for a student with short-term goals. If you are looking to study in the United Kingdom (UK), the IELTS exam may be the best option for you.



Why should students take the TOEFL test?
In order to enter universities and colleges mainly located in the United States of America
To measure his academic progress
Some companies and businesses accept TOEFL as proof of the applicant's English language abilities and skills

What is the TOEFL test method and how are results recorded?
Currently, there are two types of TOEFL exams, the electronic version, which is taken only on the Internet, and the written version, which is taken on paper. Although the written transcript is excluded, you will notice that it is still accepted by a few universities. At Kaplan, we prepare our students for the electronic-only version of the TOEFL test, which corresponds to the following information:

This TOEFL test is taken entirely on the Internet, so you will be working on a computer for the duration of the test.
There are four divisions, which score out of 30, making 120 the top score. The best universities require a score of at least 80 or 90 in order to offer unconditional admission.

TOEFL Reading section (60-90 minutes to finish)
  The reading section will contain 3 to 4 text passages, each with 12 to 14 questions. This section will assess your understanding of detail, your deductive skills, and your rhetorical abilities. You should plan on spending 20 minutes on each segment, so make sure you keep your attention on time!

TOEFL Listening section (60-90 minutes to finish)
  There are two types of audio segments: talks about campus life and academic lectures. You will hear 2 to 3 conversations with 5 questions each and 4 to 6 lectures with 6 questions per lecture. After the audio section, there is an obligatory 10-minute break.

Speaking section of the TOEFL test (20 minutes to finish)
There are 6 tasks or passages in this exam, the first two being independent, in which you will talk about an experience you are familiar with and give your opinion (45 seconds each). The remaining four sections or paragraphs are combined with listening and reading. With the built-in assignments, you'll summarize and compile the most important things you've read or heard (you'll talk 60 seconds on each paragraph).

TOEFL Writing Section (50 minutes to finish)
  Your task is to write two articles, the first is an integrated essay based on written and audio passages, where you must summarize and write the most important points of what you heard. As for the second essay, it is independent, in which you must write a persuasive or descriptive essay based on guidance.



Where are TOEFL test results accepted?
TOEFL scores are accepted by more than 10,000 universities and institutes around the world, including universities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States and many countries in Europe and Asia.

To find out more about where TOEFL scores are accepted, you can use the TOEFL® Destination Search to find facilities that accept TOEFL scores and their requirements as well. However, the TOEFL test is a test that:

Preferred in the USA: 9 out of 10 American universities prefer the TOEFL test more than all other language tests combined.

Very common in Canada: more than 80% of graduate programs in Canada prefer the TOEFL test more than all other language tests combined.

100% accepted in Australia and New Zealand: TOEFL is accepted at all universities in Australia and New Zealand.

Preferred in France and Germany: French and German universities prefer the TOEFL test and universities there receive more TOEFL scores than all other tests.

Widely accepted in Britain: more than 90% of UK universities accept TOEFL scores.



TOEFL test fees
What is the cost of taking the TOEFL test?
The cost of registering for a TOEFL test varies from country to country, sometimes even from test center to test center. The TOEFL test fee can range from $160 to $250, but in most places it's around $200.

Additional fees that you may pay when taking the TOEFL test

• Late registration fee for the TOEFL test - $40
• TOEFL test date change - $60
• Reassessment of scores for a section of the TOEFL exam - $80 per section
• Request more report scores and test scores than the four official reports that are included in the test fee - $20 per report.
• Reactivation of a canceled test result - $20

* Please note that these prices are approximate and subject to change

What are the TOEFL test dates?
The TOEFL iBT test is scheduled and taken more than 50 times per year.

When is the best time to book a TOEFL test?
You must plan to take the TOEFL test two or three months before the date of the application that you intend to submit to the university, work, or any other date, in order to ensure that the test result arrives in a timely manner.

When should I start preparing and studying for the TOEFL test?
Start preparing for the TOEFL test at least 8 weeks before the test date.

  What is the way to register for the TOEFL test?
First, before you book your TOEFL test appointment, you need to decide where you will take the test. You can find out the places and dates here.

You can register using one of the following three methods: online, by phone or by mail. Registering for the TOEFL test online is the quickest and easiest way. You can choose where you would like to take the test to see available dates.